Pulp Fiction Tells Hunger Games How It Is

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  1. More like Battle Royale sans fromage. Holy shit, that movie is overrated by all the hipster fucks who haven't seen it, but have been swiping this joke for the last few weeks anyway.

  2. The studios have done a fantastic job of turning a mediocre film into a social buzz topic. I'll see it, but from everyone I've talked to its nothing special. I'll prob rent it on Redbox.

  3. lets face it, battle royale was a good book and a terrible horrible atrocious movie. i read the book, it was great, i watched the first 30 minutes of the movie and couldnt even finish it. so even if hunger games ripped off battle royale (which it didnt) then thank god, cuz maybe the movie will actually be worth watching

    • Yep, Just like Iron Man is 100% a rip off of Batman. Both rich guys, both have a lot of gadgets, both have dead parents. Clearly, it's an absolute clone, those lazy bastards. If you've read both, you'd know.

  4. Saying Hunger Games "ripped off" Battle Royale is like saying all medieval fantasy movies ripped off Lord of the Rings.

    While the very core of the Hunger Games is a world where they pit children against each other in a battle to the death, that is pretty much where the comparisons end.

    While we are at it, Hunger Games "ripped off" The Running Man as well. Battle Royale ripped of Lord of the Flies. Let's not stop there. The Matrix ripped off on Tron and before that Ender's Game.

    If you dilute anything down to its simplest descriptor you can then compare it to anything else.

    • Hell, let's not even stop there, Let's go all the way back to the Myth of Theseus where seven male and seven female tributes are taken away to another city, and killed in combat, as retribution for an attempt at uprising. Or the Ancient Roman Bread and circuses, where people randomly selected from a pool of potential candidates – though some could volunteer – to fight to the death in an arena, often with artificially placed hazards introduced by the people running the show, while much of the population watches on, and it's absolutely a method of controlling the population.

      This isn't a new idea, really, as you know – it's just that a small few people had the idea of it being like Battle Royale because they didn't think about it too hard, and then a bunch of people who have thought about it even less are going around essentially saying "Oh yeah? Well I liked this popular thing BEFORE IT WAS COOL. Aren't I all cultured, intelligent and great?"
      Give me a break, you bastards, I'm not going to believe you when you say you were doing something when it was original, you can't even come up with an original snarky joke. It's like the hipster version of office workers repeating letterman's best lines from the night before while gathered around the water cooler.

  5. Battle Royale is written based off the writer’s experience working in a factory during WW2. His job was to walk around with a cart and pick up all the body parts off dead workers after every bombing…which was frequent. It is an artistic social statement. It was a GREAT movie. Loved the sequel too. I have the t-shirt from Anime Central over 5 years ago. The lead singer of The Pillows liked it! I recently re-watched them two years ago, and they were still great. I lent the original to a couple of the guys at my work, and they liked it.

    Lord of the Rings copied off of Wagner’s epic opera series, Reingold, which was based on Nordic mythology. You know some of Wagner’s works, probably as “Kill the rabbit”, but the “Wedding March”, “Flight of the Valkaries”, and many others.

    Star Wars also copied off of Wagner. Mostly because of Joseph Campbell.

    Hunger Games is Twilight without the wolves or sparkly vampires. It’s just a Young Adult Series. It’s not visionary, not artistic, not poetic. It’s just entertainment. It’s for teenagers and adults trying to grasp at their youth…or just horribly immature.
    Iron Man is possibly copied off of Batman. Comic characters often are ripped off from each other. Spawn ripped off of various Marvel characters. Perhaps Batman is ripped off of Blue Beetle, or in one incarnation, “Night Owl”?

    I don’t think it was copied off of Battle Royale, but I don’t think of it as a lame tween version of Battle Royale, written by someone who was not IN a war. I don’t me lived during one, protested, or knew someone in one. But someone being shelled, shot at, etc. That makes the difference between referencing war, and writting the horrors of war.

  6. Correction, I DO believe it it is a lame version of Battle Royale.

    Was in a hurry to finish the post before earth hour

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