DC Comics Bikinis and Boxers!

With the summer season well on its way, bathing suit-shopping tops the list of high-stress activities. Not because of negative body image issues (I have enough of those to make you feel better about yourself) but more how exactly are you going to wave your superhero-geek flag high in a season known for wearing less?

Well Spencer Gifts has released a new line of Officially Licensed bikinis for those chic geeks out there who want to show their love for their favourite superheroine.

Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman styled bikinis are now available online:

And before you get your underoos in a bunch, I didn’t forget about the men, who have a line of overpriced Diesel Underwear available in the stylings of Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Joker.

Diesel also released an embarrassing motion-comic-styled promotional video in which it strongly implies that the Joker is “The Renegade” among these heroes. Uh… no. He is not.

Any of these strike your fancy?

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