Nerdy And I Know It [Music Video]

In line with the He-Man’s sexy rendition and College Humor’s Party Rock Anthem for Geeks, the Starcraft lovers at Husky Starcraft are nerdy and they know it.

Anyone else love the dancing unicorn at 2.23?

There is also Roll a D6 by Broken Record Film which I personally think is like 3000 times better. That might be because I’m more into D&D than Starcraft…but I mean c’mon…this one has an actual dragon.

“When we play we go all night eating Twizzlers.” – So much sexier than getting slizzard.

[Via League of Hot Geeks]


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  1. Not bad. The D6 one was definitely much better. I love the meme around "Sexy and I know it" though. And I've used "Nerdy and I Know It" around the house before. The biggest problem with this parody is it only focuses on one aspect of nerdy…. Should have just been "I'm Zerging and I know it". Weird Al did it best with White and Nerdy because he covered all the nerd topics in one song.

  2. This is a song about Starcraft, not nerds. It's like they couldn't find a good adjective for their SC song and just threw in "nerdy" because it was 2 syllables.

    "When I walk in the class, this is what I see
    All the students talking & they're pointing at me
    Yeah, I got the best grades and I ain't afraid to show it.
    I'm nerdy and I know it.

    Girl look at that test score
    Girl look at that test score
    Girl look at that test score
    I geek out."

    That's a song about nerds.

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