Star Wars Underwear [Pic]

I did try to search the internet to see if I could find where to get these but couldn’t find them. Still…pretty funky Star Wars underwear. Plus a little eye candy. ;)


24 Responses to Star Wars Underwear [Pic]

  1. i hope he got that second pair for half price, i mean, with the printing error and all.

    you ladies noticed there's words, yeah?

    • yeah, i noticed that too, according to taramackie up there, its some sort of reversed image or something technical.

  2. Theres underwear in this picture…. I didn't notice over the vast amount of sexyness and my mind instantly seeing tattooed guys with no clothes on…

  3. I love the the star wars tattoo, and the underwear :) Very hot !! But did anyone notice the first guy has no

  4. I have the second pair and got them from HnM in England… the writing is also the right way round on mine so he must have taken the picture in the mirror