All You Need is the iPad [Infographic]

What do you guys think? Is the iPad consuming all your digital needs, or is this a rather oversimplification of the complicated needs of geeks these days that will require multiple devices, regardless of the jack-of-all-trades quality of the iPad?

[Via Daily Infographic]


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  1. I'm sorry – I've got one of the new iPads, and even with the updated screen, I can't read books on it. e-Ink is where it's at for reading.

      • Also, how is the ipad even close to an xbox360? Or a laptop? An ipad does everything a little bit. it plays games, kinda. It makes pictures, kinda. It surfs the web, kinda. There's a lot of machines that do a lot of things kinda and most of the times you end up replacing it with machines that do one thing really well.

  2. I suppose if all you do is browse the web and read email, it will replace a laptop and if you play games that don't require specific hardware requirements maybe but saying you don't need a laptop or a gaming system (in additional to the ridiculous DSLR comparison) is really pushing it.

  3. Apparently this company is bought out by Apple.

    1) You can't program on an iPad.
    2) You can't view sites that require Flash on an iPad.
    3) You can't do any REAL gaming on an iPad. I'm sorry, but your Farmville pales in comparison to Civilization
    4) You can't do any typing on it without straining your neck.
    5) It isn't a DSLR camera…that's just retarded.
    6) Even if it can play video, its not the same as hooking up a laptop to your tv via HDMI and play Blu-Ray so everyone can watch.

    Point is, this infograph is a load of bull.

  4. They replace all of those if you never needed them in the first place. For example, an ipad will replace a D-SLR, if you never needed the D-SLR in the first place and your cell phone camera would have been enough.

    I also love the "padding" at the bottom of the chart. You too can trade your tablet or iPad for another iPad (or tablet).

  5. How exactly does my XBOX360 compares to an iPad ? Can I connect my logitech drums or my fake plastic guitar ? My DDR dancepad?
    My laptop is a dual boot Win7/ OSX. Can I natively boot Win7 in iPad?
    For a tablet I still use an "ancient" HP TC1100. The big advantage over iPad is the digitizer pen. Try to draw a sketch with your finger or with a capacitive pen vs the HP's wacom pen and you will see the difference.Besides, with Win7 it runs as a champion.
    And as the others already mentioned, I'm sorry a DSLR with exchangeable lenses has nothing in common with an iPad. Also try to mount the iPad on a telescope for long exposures. It's ridiculous and you will be mocked by the other stargazers for excessive fanboyism.

  6. Thanks but I will stick with what I currently have. I'd rather have 5 devices that do their job well then one device that looks pretty but does a crappy job. See I'm more interested in function over form. That is the difference between Apple users and everyone else.

  7. Posts like this are generally ok but this is a site with "geek" in its title.

    This is insulting… I don't even want to explain to you why…

  8. Honestly, i use a windows phone and an android tablet to cover all of that, my xbox 360 is staying where it is and so is my laptop, The ipad to me is another overpriced (and according to recent news ANOTHER overheated) apple product, will no-one on this site try anything else not related to apple?

  9. "a rather oversimplification of the complicated needs of geeks these days that will require multiple devices"


    also, pretty much everything everyone's said above me.

  10. I'm pretty sure I'd find an iPad rather impractical for photoshoots for some reason…
    Please, think before you insult your users, GAS. I like most of your content, but I, like many others, find this offensive. The iPad is a jack-of-all-trades product and still you claim that "All you need is the iPad." I could've used at the very least an "or?" or an alternate title. This is hideous.
    The iPad replaces nothing, it is a larger gameboy for browsing 9gag. There is nothing that the product does well in particular, from what I've seen so far.

    All aside, I did see the point of the article, it doesn't do awfully bad, but it is not an optimized product for anything. Mildly entertaining.

  11. I bought an IPAD not as a miracle multipurpose tool but as a document reader and it excels in that. I love reading my musical scores there, and my comic collection was never so organized and portable. But as others commented, it only does mediocre to acceptable for everything else.

  12. The iPod Touch the FIRST All-In-One-Device?

    There are a brunch of devices, which are older with the same uses in one device!

    The first three generations of iPod Touch haven’t got a camera, the first iPad (January 2010) is older than the iPad Touch with camera (September 2010).

    Why is the PDA going directly into the eeePC? Maybe because they have everything what the iPod touch you give? There a many PDA evolutions before the eeePC.

    Where are the tablets before the iPad?

    Sorry, Apple Fanboy go away.

  13. LOL, that thing will never replace a DSLR, my gaming system or my laptop._Even if it could (when hell freezes over), i'd still wouldn't buy one._

  14. apple suck major balls, you keep spending all ur money on poinless pieces of crap. No way is the ipad even close to any of the things he claims you shoudl trade in a $1500 DSLR will own the ipad. <– debate over! buy of of those!

  15. Yesssss I could streamline and have a device that does all of those things sub par. Or, I could pay a little more to buy all of those things that do it EXCEPTIONALLY.

  16. Plus I would strongly examine the 'First all in one media device' statement. Sounds like something Apple would say about themselves. And we all know how they like to pretend devices which existed before theirs do not exist.

  17. First, sorry, but apple wasn't the first to have all these things in one device. The first to do it all with a slick UI maybe. Plus it only can replace those devices if you have very very low expectations. Obvious written by someone with a huge hard on for Apple, and no clue about reality.

  18. If you follow this all the way back to the source the motivation becomes clear. Next worth is a gadget "recycling" center. IE they buy used stuff for pennies on the dollar and resell it. The electronic version of those cash for gold scams. The ipad is a device with a high mindshare that they might be able to get people to irrationally part with their other devices to purchase.

  19. Infographics like this hurt the geek cred of this fine site. Sure my grandma or the hipster next door might be happy with the limited functionality of the ipad in exchange for a multitude of other devices but serious geeks want things to be fully-functional rather than just sleek. Everything Apple releases has already been done better by a competitor but just lacked the marketing power to get it to the masses. A decent laptop has already done all those things except for replace a DSLR, which no device can do.

  20. Ooohhh this is excellent. I've been looking to buy a good DSLR but I don't have much money, and the hours I've spent weighing up all my options has been making my head spin. Now I find out all I need to do is sell my laptop, my PS3, my Android tablet and my 12MP compact and use the money to buy a new iPad instead! Then I can use my desktop PC as a footrest and, as an added bonus, there are also guitar apps on the app store so I may as well sell my guitars too!
    Oh, wait… what if I want to take a picture of one of my cameras? Damn, I'll have to buy two.

  21. Its a very uneducated and not so well-thought infographic …. ipads and tablets will remain something for the casual users but will never replace cameras , Actual Computers and Gameboys ? seriously ? isn't that something that has been replaced a long time ago ? Even all of the gadgets listed have either evolved or merged into something different and long before the tablet , the mobile phones have been doing pretty mush all of that for a few years now

  22. I love all these apple haters. When i see hate like this, it reminds me of wise quote, " hate shows opposite truth and approval" , meaning they agree but are pissed that it is so, and they switch to opposite to prove the anti point they make.

    Heck YES the iPad replaces everything above, maybe not in pro mode, but it definitely does replace them all.

    I friggin love this thing, and i do not care if Apple, or Microsoft or even if google would have come up with it, it is great.

    You see, this is the opinion of everyone, even the haters. They either can't get one yet!! Or allow to be rumors and talk of other to influence them and want to stay in the group that hates, it makes them think they belong somewhere. They all will own iPads very soon.

    In the meantime, let's love ours. BTW… i do not like the name iPad but hey life is not perfect either.

    Peace lovers and haters.

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