The Real Moral of Star Wars

Every good scifi has at least one good moral that it teaches you, just like a nursery rhyme. This was the real moral of the entire Star Wars franchise.

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  1. Luke knew his father was Anakin Skywalker, he just didn't know he had a sister. I know who my father is, but how would I know if I had a twin sister at birth who was taken away?

    Do we know if Leia knew she was adopted? I'd guess that she thought she was an Organa until Luke broke the news to her.

    • I think Leia knew. Otherwise when Luke asked her if she "remembered her mother – her REAL mother?", she would have reacted like "WTF, how many mothers am I supposed to have"? She also said that she already knew, somehow she "always knew." That idea makes waaaay more sense if she had the background knowledge that she was adopted. :)

      BTW, I know that the idea of Leia remembering her mother in the first place (since Padme died when Leia is an infant), but it's been chalked up to simple discontinuity. Some people have also rationalized it as saying she could remember Padme through the Force (just as Luke could see into the future, she could see into the past).

      • Oops, should have reread before posting. *the idea of Leia remembering her mother in the first place (since Padme died when Leia was an infant) is preposterous, but…

        • Well they don't describe any of Leia's life in the movies. It could be that she'd been allowed to know who her mother was, but not her father.

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