7 Reasons Why Your Mom Shouldn’t Be Your Facebook Friend

Thanks Idan!

[Source: C-Section Comics]

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  1. Very cute, but that's only true if you have an overbearing ludite for a Mother. My Mum is way cooler than I am – I'll be the first to admit that. Heck, I only ever get invited to the cool Artist/Lit parties as her Plus 1 LOL

  2. same, maybe it should be called '7 reasons why you shouldn't add your overbearing parental figure/aunt/neighbour as a facebook friend' :D
    and lucky for us most people this batshit crazy don't really know how to use facebook well enough to do this much damage :)

    • I actually do know a person whose batshit crazy of a mother does know how to use facebook and this could be ripped from his fb page!

  3. My mom recently * accidentally* posted her "porn star name"… kinda awkward… I think that should be reason #1… there are things about your mom you don't want to know…

  4. There's absolutely no danger of my mother being on Facebook. She probably pictures a nuclear apocalypse and holds up a crucifix, everytime my dad switches on his laptop. By the time she realises she's still alive and gets out from under the kitchen table, Facebook will have long ceased to exist, having been taken over by the Google Galactic Empire :-)

  5. It's things like this that make me think "Ah, it's good to have my family…" I know I'm biased, but I think we're all hilarious. Half of what makes Facebook interesting is reading what any one of us is posting at any time. (The whole reason I use Facebook is to keep in contact with them, since I move around a lot.)

    Of course that's my immediate family. My husband's family and my extended family, well… that's a WHOLE different ball of yarn…. >_>

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