HOW TO: Wield a Lightsaber Like an Idiot

The idiot guide on how properly wield a lightsaber like a total dumbass. Enjoy!


12 Responses to HOW TO: Wield a Lightsaber Like an Idiot

  1. this is so amazing there is not a word to describe it that would do it justice… even amazing falls short by at least a mile.

  2. Bravo! Finally someone shows us how it's really a deep-seated conspiracy between Jedi and Sith to rule the galaxy and make it look like there's actually a chance for freedom. Fake fighting caught on camera! Maul died by misadventure, not murder!

  3. If I didn't know better, I'd swear this was just some elaborately choreographed ruse and not an actual battle between warring factions of an ancient galactic guardian order!

  4. I remember when I watched this 10 somewhat years ago, in a scene, I couldn’t understand why after Obi-Wan and his master jumped from one platform down to another, the waited for that red face dude to safely jump down too to continue the fight. How nice of them!
    And lightsabers, right before someone tries to block your strike, can’t you instantly retract the blade back into the hilt to avoid the deflection, and then instantly extend it when it passes the blockage?

  5. see, now the main problem you have here is that the moves themselves can also be interpreted as accurate to a genuine fighting style due to the nature of 'the force'. by this I mean think back the the original films when Luke is told to "feel the force". assuming that the sith also go by this teaching then surely this would explain the motions of the characters in that they are in fact moving intentionally to where the saber strike are not going to be, in advance of the strike itself rather than by judging the movements in the fight.

    or, ya know, I could just be over-thinking all of this :P

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