Do Not Squander Your Daylight Savings Hour! [Pic]

Now that daylight savings has come around for those in North America, be sure you don’t waste your extra hour of daylight. Science is clearly the way to improve your mind, body and soul so please, use your extra time to make the world a better place. It’s time for science; it’s time for you.

Sadly, down in Australia (at least everywhere except Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia) they will be losing that hour when April comes along. What a great Easter present – you get one less hour each day to watch the grass grow and observe animals fornicating.

[Via Fake Science]


5 Responses to Do Not Squander Your Daylight Savings Hour! [Pic]

    • "extra hour of daylight"

      sunrise is earlier and sunset later day by day, not sure if we gain a full hour completely or if its just rounded nor am i sure the exact day if we do gain a complete hour

      edit: looked it up, knew it was around june(my bday is the 30th and i remember the heat, i live in florida), but time's changed in preparation of this expected increase in daylight, i suppose?

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