Dark Shadows Trailer!

New Tim Burton flick with Johnny Depp as an 18th century vampire released on the 1970s.  Looks fun!

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    • I It doesn't seem to be much like the series. I don't think I"m going to watch it, which is disappointing cause I was so excited when I first heard about it coming out.

      • Exactly! I was so stoked especially since most people from my generation has never even heard of Dark Shadows, but this movie is nothing like the real Dark Shadows.

  1. I have been following Depp's quest in getting this film made (over 12 years he has worked at this) and this is what they were forced to settle for. Depp wanted more of a "Sleepy Hallow" feel and less "Beetlejuice" but the producers wanted humor to get more ticket sales. They were afraid no one would see it if they were unfamiliar with the serious soap opera it was based on. I guess they still have no faith in Depp's magic. When he first showed the producers of the "Pirate's" movies his interpretation of Captain Sparrow, they hated it, but kept it expecting the movies to break even. They could have done the serious original version of DS and tickets would have sold anyway just because of who is in the cast. I just hate that Burton and Depp settled after their long journey to have this on the screen.

    • Who the hell are "they?" If Depp got the rights, and wanted to do a more serious movie, then who could stop him? That is what I was expecting and why I'm so upset to see this goof-ball crap that they just released… Shame on you Depp! You called yourself a DS fan…

  2. Dark Shadows done as an effing COMEDY!? Are they serious!? I was bitterly disappointed in the trailer. Making Barnabas into a buffoon… blasphemy! I will be boycotting this at the box office. :(

    • I agree, this was done in very poor taste. Upsetting for those of us that looked forward to
      a remake using all of the thrust of modern day technology, creativity and talend and instead we get another version of Cousin It!

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