Scrubs Super-Cameo on Cougartown

Cougartown has always amused me, but what I love most about the show is how it gently leans on the fourth wall paying tribute to characters from the now cancelled Scrubs, and even featured a cameo by Abed from Community (which was referenced in Community)

Of course the show features both Courtney Cox and Christa Miller (both Scrubs alumni) but has had a bevy of supporting cast members like the odd man out and neighbor Tom Gazalian (Bob Clendenin), who also happens to be a doctor (He played a reoccurring role on Scrubs as Dr Zeltzer) and Ken Jenkins (Bob Kelso on Scrubs) plays Jules’ father in the show.

It seemed we were going to be treated to one appearance after another when Sarah Chalke joined as a guest star and love interest to Bobby Cobb and just this past week Ted shows up with his Scrubs A Capella Band.

But the floodgates burst and it looks like they have decided to just get all chocolate in your peanut butter in this closing scene during the credits when Ted realizes he has seen these people before.

So we now know that Cougartown and Scrubs co-exist in the same universe and proves that everyone out there has a double. An awesome double.

That last scene features ONLY characters who were on Scrubs, as Bob Clendenin, Ken Jenkins, Sarah Chalke, Christa Miller, Zach Braff, and The Todd himself Robert Maschio freak out Sam Lloyd.

But there are still plenty of Scrubs Alum who could yet appear!

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