Chocolate…in Dinosaur Shape!

I’m pretty sure that chocolates like these would entertain me for hours. When I’m done creating little stories about the wonderful world of Littlefoot at the gang, I’ll just pop em in my mouth. Yummy Petrie… (Bonus points if you get the reference!)

Made in Italy, these molds can be used in an oven, microwave or the freezer, (can take temps from -76 degrees F (-60 C) to as high as 446 degrees F (230 C)), are completely flexible, 100% food grade silicone and can be used to make chocolate, butter or ice! They’re even dishwasher safe!

And if you’re not really into dinosaurs, Silikomart make a whole bunch of other molds including little mood figures and roses.

There are interesting molds from other companies too like Wilton’s mini stars – which you can get as a combination with hearts and flowers for only $29.97! Ooh – there’s an alphabet tray set too for $17.74 by Sillycone.

I could spend all day looking at these. Now all I need to do is find someone who knows how to make chocolate…

Editor’s note: My pal Alex from Neatorama has tons of other ones that are well worth checking out. However, please note that these are probably not oven safe.

[Via Geek Alerts]

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