Speed Painting Time Lapse [Video]

This just goes to show you some of the incredible things that can be done on Adobe programs. True artistry. Can you believe this was done in only 30 minutes?

[by Menton J. Matthews III via The BDAG]


2 Responses to Speed Painting Time Lapse [Video]

  1. Menton is a genius… If you like his art work, you should check out his music. Saltillo is absolutely fantastic. The painting in this video is going with his comic, Monocyte which you guys would love!

  2. its wonderful stuff, but its not wonderful just because its an Adobe product. It is the artist much more than the tools they use to create. I have seen amazing things done with a box of crayons too.

    • Oh by all means. I just meant that Adobe programs CAN be used for such artistry and not just editing photos. ;) Pure talent required to do something like that for sure!

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