Other Shows Netflix Should Consider UnCancelling

TV Shows get cancelled. It happens. There are a lot of reasons they decide to swing that axe, but at the end of the day, nothing lasts forever. Even with the Simpson’s seemingly unending parade of seasons, that too will one day end.

So with last week’s news that Terra Nova has been cancelled, a followup story suggested that Netflix is looking to pick up the show as exclusive content for their on-demand service. I think this is a great idea.

GiantFreakingRobot has an article up suggesting 10 other shows that have been cancelled that they feel deserve to be resurrected before Terra Nova.

Of course the cult classic Firefly tops their list, and they mention some other good shows as well. Original/Exclusive content is really what the On-Demand streaming format needs to stand out. Right now, as impressive as it is, Netflix doesn’t offer much that falls in the category of “new,” so why not reach out to those niche shows that could be made on-the-cheap.

This is my list of shows that In MY opinion deserve a second life.


A surprise nuclear strike simultaneously wipes out most of North America’s cities. The small farming town of Jericho is just far enough away from it all to not be affected. The show balances survival in a new world with the mystery and intrigue of who was responsible for the strike and why. It was Netflix that caught me onto this show in the first place, and I was hooked. The show had seriously good writing and a great concept with characters you couldn’t help but love.

Pushing Daisies

This quirky Bryan Fuller scripted show features Ned as a man with a unique gift. Ned can raise someone from the dead with a touch and send them back to the beyond with another. If they live beyond one minute, someone else dies in their place. He teams up with a private investigator who takes advantage of his gift to solve murders (by asking the victim). This is another one where the characters and snappy dialogue really sell the show. Lots of charm and light hearted fun set against a strangely dark concept.


This show is also by Bryan Fuller, which features Caroline Dhavernas as Jaye, a minimum wage tourist trap clerk in Niagara Falls whose misguided life of ruin starts to turn around when inanimate objects around her begin to give her cryptic advice. She knows she isn’t crazy, but if she goes against the advice of these animal shaped objects that only she can see, things turn out bad.

The show only saw 13 episodes, but it totally absorbed me with its cleverness and cast of loveable characters.

Better off Ted

Sitcoms are like candy. If they don’t have the one you like at the store, you just grab something else and you are fine with it. But this short lived tv series had just SO MUCH potential and personality that it was a shame when it was shut down. Staring Jay Harrington and Portia de Rossi, this office comedy was just so off the wall, you couldn’t help but cheer on this corrupt mega-corporation and the lunacy people working there endured in their daily lives. The Research and Development department alone could have been its own show. Sadly, after two seasons it too was canned.


No show in the history of television will ever amount to the sheer amount of Cussing in this HBO Western. Many wrote off the drama of a frontier town in its earliest days for its excessive violence, sex, and blush-worthy use of the f-word. But under all of that was an incredibly well balanced and well presented character drama of politics, romance, and social interaction. Timothy Olyphant is awesome as a former US Marshall who would rather just sell supplies in a retail shop. Of course, Ian McShane often stole the show with his monologues and ambiguous morals.

Honorable mentions: Legend of the Seeker, Chuck, Mr Sunshine, and 18 to Life.

So what would YOU like to see brought back? And would bringing that show exclusively to a service like Netflix make you want to sign up?

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  1. I some how doubt their ability to bring back Firefly, at least with all (that are still alive in the universe) of the Original caste. That said I would like to see them try, but why stop at bringing cancelled shows back. Why don't they try and create some new original content. Some brand new shows, maybe made on the cheap with no sets, just green screen (like Sanctuary) and featuring new authors and new ideas that we don't see on TV. The internet is full of new creative ideas and I would love to see television shows by writers like Dan Shive (El Goonish Shive), Robin Eircson (the Wotch), Krazy Krow (Marilith) and so on. I think this would turn out much better than necromancy.

  2. Better Off Ted and Pushing Daisies were two of my favorite shows. Better Off Ted was so funny, witty and sarcastic and I felt like it was written specifically for me.

    Pushing Daisies was like the nicer side of Better Off Dead and I loved both of those. It made me think of death in a different way.

    I feel lost without a Stargate show going on. I hated that Battlestar Galactica was only 4 seasons and I wish Lost were filmed in real time and was like a 24 hour channel that you could just watch what was going on.

    • Better Off Ted is a series my husband and I originally found on Netflix! We laughed through every episode. We were really bummed when we realized it was cancelled.

      I'll have to look into Pushing Daisies. :o

      • Before Pushing Daisies, the guy behind it had a series on I believe Showtime or HBO (it's been so long I can't remember which) but it was about a girl who died and was forced to work as an office temp while at the same time assisting the dead in their journey to heaven or hell. It was very dark and sarcastic and one of those that I couldn't believe we only got 2 seasons out of.

        Pushing Daisies is beautifully shot. High saturation to give it a nice and non-natural look to it. They made it a point to have very great camera angles and set designs. There will be things you notice like where the camera is set and the focal points… it was just a fun show to watch and it spawned one of my favorite sayings ever… "crap on a cracker" :D

        • That would be 'Dead Like Me' on Showtime, one of the shows I was going to wish was uncancelled! Have the whole boxset with the movie. Brian Fuller was also the genius behind the first season of 'Heroes.' The airing of 'Wonderfalls' on Logo was how I discovered this magical man!

          I would also un-cancel 'V' if for no other reason than to give it a chance to actually conclude!

    • I miss having a Stargate show on as well. It was hard to watch SG-U crawl along at times. Maybe they could revamp and revive it.

      • I'm with you on SG:U. I just finished an epic SG marathon starting with SG1, through SG:A and SG:U. Universe was slow to pick up speed, and got really interesting right before it was cancelled. I'd love to know what happens after the season 2 finale.

        Same with Caprica. If you watch it on Netflix, you can see how the "next season" (never happened) would actually dive into the Cylon's belief system. More Cylons and less family drama/politics might have boosted the ratings. But I remember when BSG was *almost* cancelled, too. It happens to the best of shows.

    • United States of Tara was a must see show for me. I miss it very much. I also wish they would bring back SAVING GRACE I loved it!!!!

  3. The Good Guys. Fox always kills off shows that it takes a while for the audience to get into. I found this show on Netflix and I love it. Also, Firefly.

  4. BETTER OFF TED! I watch that show on netflix at least weekly when I'm having a bad day. If I could have a Lem and Phil in my closet mad scientisting for me whenever I want I'd be one happy Panda.

  5. Not Legend of the Seeker! If you've read the books, you know how much of a disappointing that show was to fans. It was great show for those who hadn't read the books, but it sucks for those of us who did.

  6. I really have to wonder, if some of the great shows that were canceled came back with new episodes, would they really have the same charm? I would absolutely love to explore the hands of blue or the evolution of the Cyclons, but would it just be an Episode I, II, or III?

  7. Man, I really would like to have a continuation of Surface. I freaking loved that show and was heartbroken to see it cancelled.

  8. I think there is a lot of shows out there that deserve at least one more season or something, so that it does not end on a cliffhanger. I liked the show Life and wish it had another season, so we can get more answers.

  9. Defying Gravity was a great show that never got a chance, i think. Character driven scifi, with mystery thrown in. It may have eventually jumped the shark after a few seasons, but they didn't even get one out!

  10. In no order….

    Threshold – That show was awesome, snappy writing, great characters, and Carla Gugino!! ;)
    Sarah Conner Chronicles
    Persons Unknown (I know it was meant to have answers at the end of the season, but they gave so many more!!!)
    Dollhouse & SGU, they suffered cause the shows got slow, but when they knew the shows were being cancelled, the stories were kicked up a notch and rocked!
    Firefly (of course)
    Legend of the Seeker was good mindless fun (it has made me want to read the books)
    Bring us some new Star Trek!!!

  11. Journeyman and Jericho would be my two top choices, even over Firefly – not because they are better, but because of the availability. The cast & crew of Firefly has moved on. And Both Journeyman and Jericho kick ass.

  12. Roar (yeah, yeah, Ledger's RIP, but I still think a suitable replacement could be found), Lie to Me, Legend of the Seeker, Kyle XY, Deadwood

  13. Many of these shows are already on Netflix streaming… They rotate them in and out occasionally, but Jericho has been in my rotation for about a year and a half…

    • The article is about buying the rights to cancelled shows and creating new episodes, not just showing past seasons.

  14. Better off Ted is so geeky fun, I was surprised not many people were outraged when it was canceled. I love the series!

  15. I would love Legend of the Seeker had they not destroyed the storyline.. its basically irreparable to continue onto the other books.. but if they could start the show all over again… that show would absolutely take off!

    Firefly, OFC.
    Dead like me

  16. Legnd of the Seeker was ruined in episode 1! If you read the books, you knew the entire story was going to be rewritten after watching the first five minutes of the first episode. I would say Firefly if half the cast had not been killed off on Serenity. United States of Tara and Life Unexpected should be uncancelled!

  17. Kings
    The Black Donnellys
    Space Above and Beyond
    Stargate Universe
    Quantum Leap

    And Battlestar Gallatica : Blood and Chrome cause no matter what if it even does air SyFy/NBC will cancel it

  18. Soooo…I was REALLY hoping this was an old post…since The Dresden Files, Pushing Daisies, Legend of the Seeker, and Better Off Ted are already on Netflix. At least three of those have been on for a year or more.

    • Also, United States of Tara, most if not all of the Stargate shows, Firefly, Arrested Development, Quantum Leap, Dollhouse, Dead Like Me….all on Netflix.

    • I believe the article is about Netflix buying the rights to resurrect the shows and create new episodes, not just show re-runs.

  19. The Event. FlashForward. SG:U. All of these shows got cancelled right as they were picking up steam. I'm tired of getting hooked on shows that get axed because they require more thought and have deeper storylines than a Jersey Shore episode.

    I'm excited to hear Arrested Development may come back as a movie (though they've been saying this for years). As much as I adore Firefly, it wouldn't be the same if they brought it back now. They've moved on…

    • Also, forgot to mention the dreaded "hiatus". This is happening more and more to shows that attract a more internet and streaming-savvy audience (See: Community). Hiatus is a death sentence to shows with complex storylines – most people don't re-invest after a 4-month break. Networks need to work out how to monetize/measure online viewership and fandom when assessing the success of a show.

  20. Firefly and Better Off Ted from this list for sure. My favorite of all time is West Wing and I would love to see that come back.

  21. Better Off Ted is one of the very few shows that hangs out in my wife an my Netflix instant queue to be watched repeatedly. We've watched the entire (available) series in order three times now; that show really deserves a second chance to become more widely known; shame it wasn't more skillfully marketed the first time it aired.

  22. Firefly (duh), Dresden Files (if they redo it from scratch), The Good Guys, Dollhouse, SGU, Veronica Mars, Jericho, Defying Gravity

  23. Dead Like Me, The Good Guys, Dollhouse and Legend of the Seeker all need to be revived with relatively the same cast. In the case of LOTS, it would have to be exactly the same cast unless they went "off-book".

  24. Another vote for Better Off Ted since its relatively recent and could continue in an even deeper vein than before. Really a cable concept but streaming would suit it well.

  25. Obviously yes to Firefly, I mean really. And I'd like to see more pushing Daisies and Better off Ted. Jericho is on the list to watch. Never watched the other two.

  26. Angel- Was ended too soon and VERY poorly at that. The show was famous for depth and arc based plots and the series finale had less than half a season lead up to the finale! Angel was 200 plus years old they could definitely have at least given it a few more episodes to give it a proper send off.

    Eli Stone- It thought outside the box and was positive and truly inspiring without being cheesy.

    Lie to Me- the science behind reading truth or lies in body language is real which makes it all the more fascinating. I'll watch other shows now and think to myself "If only they had a Dr. Lightman so they'd know the truth…"

    Pushing Daises- brilliant concept, quirky, VERY think outside the box so sad it didn't last :-(

    I haven't seen Firefly yet or Jericho but I've great things about both series.

  27. Firefly, Carnivàle, Firefly, Andy Richter Controls the Universe (or Andy Barker, P.I. for that matter), Firefly, Greg the Bunny, FIREFLY, Dollhouse, FIREFLY, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (go ahead and improve the title, though!), FIREFLY, I Love Lucy (yes, i'm kidding). Oh, also – Firefly would be great. Any characters that may or may not have … left the 'verse in some movie-ization — this could be prequel, or make further adventures with new characters. Heck, there might even be an actual Asian actor to go along with all the Chinese swearing!

  28. Firefly – Although Serenity really did cap the story quite well.
    The Good Guys – Bradley Whitford was hilarious.
    Drive – Another Nathan Fillion casualty.
    Reaper – Kinda like the Psych version of Supernatural.
    Dead Like Me – The follow-up film was an awful not-so capstone event to a fantastic series.
    Terriers – Surprisingly good buddy-"cop" throw-up. Awful title and marketing, but great series.
    Bored to Death – Danson, Galifianakis and Schwartzman had brilliant chemistry.
    Life on Mars – Got really good as the season went on.

    Pushing Daisies and Better off Ted would make fantastic returns I have to agree.

    But hows about the most important one of all: Batman the Animated Series.

  29. Dead like me -awesome never understood why this got cancelled or not picked up by another network!!!
    Moonlight – awesome somehow didn't get the credit it deserved!
    Dresden files – Paul blackthorne was as good in Dresden files as he is in The River it was the effects on Dresden files that made it look a little cheesy so it would be amazing if those lovely Netflix peeps could bring that back too!!!
    Firefly-no explanation needed there!!!
    Forever knight – I mean if we are talking abou bringing back classics ended well before they're time then this is one for sure!
    On a personal note it riles me to no end that the likes of sugar coated S**T like friends gets like 10 seasons where all they did was hug and drink coffee and occasionally "be on a break" wen they werent shagging each other and great shows that clearly had a fan base were cancelled without most of them even getting a chance to take off properly!!!So C'mon Have a care all you American tv networks…..that's right I'm talking to YOU!!!

    Pushing Daisies
    Dead Like Me
    Legend of the Seeker

    And some people probably won't agree with me or get this one: But Everwood. That show was amazing, and I really, really miss it.

  31. Legend of the Seeker – its so obvious that this show could and should be revived, that I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.

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