Is Jon Snow Stupid? Interview with Kit Harington

Kit Harington divulges what goes on underneath that beautiful head of hair he has specially done for his role as Jon Snow of HBO hit series Game of Thrones.

Something I learned about him recently, I was trying to work him out and I was thinking, “actually is he quite stupid?” Because I made a few decisions about him and it led to this person who in the books he makes a lot of mistakes, he acts first and doesn’t think about things and so I realised recently he’s a very instinctual person. He’s a good person, he’ll do the right things for people but he won’t think ahead of time.

From saying how Jon can be pretty stupid (as can all of the characters in Game of Thrones) to how he turns his nose up at Lord of the Rings, the interview is actually a fairly entertaining read.

He gives us very vague hints about what’s coming in the second season (coming oh so soon – let’s hope it’s not an April fools’ day prank!) and about his views on the books, the television series, and the fantasy genre in general.

Read the full interview by Chirsta Ktorides at DIY.


6 Responses to Is Jon Snow Stupid? Interview with Kit Harington

  1. I'm not sure this actor did he research on the character right. Jon Snow is not stupid. Just rash. Also, real people make mistakes. Thats what makes the series so good.

  2. I can tell you what is going to happen in the next 4 seasons… lol… and Jon Snow is not stupid in my opinion (having read all 5 books and watched season one after having done so), he's instinctual like a Dire Wolf. He acts on what he feels he should do.

  3. I'm amused by the replies above this. They didn't bother to read what Kit Harington actually said, disagree with him, and then proceed to agree with his main point about the character. Read the whole quote folks! ;)

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