Own Malcolm Reynold’s Sidearm [Replica]

A replica of Firefly/Serenity’s Malcolm Reynold’s personal sidearm is now available for pre-order online and is exptected to ship by April this year.

While this is not an authorized replica, [Correction – Fully Authorized] it is crafted from the original mold of the stunt pistol Nathan Fillion carried around. A lot of work went into creating this and it shows.

You can buy it here. While replicas like this tend to be pricey, this one is reasonably priced at $79.95USD!

I have always wanted to start collecting something specific, and My Little Pony is just not something you can share with your houseguests. Perhaps a collection of iconic geeky firearms is exactly what my man-cave needs?

What replica firearms or weapons do you have, or wish to have in your collection?


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  1. Hey there – thanks so much for the shout out! Just wanted to clarify one minor detail – our Mal pistol replica is authorized and fully licensed :-)

    Thanks again!

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