T-Rex Had the Strongest Bite Ever

T-Rex, I never underestimated you.  According to this report, the King of All Dinosaurs had a bit that was equal to the pressure of being sat on by an elephant.  That is awesome.

Previous estimates of the prehistoric predator’s bite suggested it was much more modest – comparable to modern predators such as alligators.

This measurement, based on a laser scan of a T. rex skull, showed that its bite was equivalent to three tonnes – about the weight of an elephant.

…Dr Karl Bates from the biomechanics laboratory at the University of Liverpool led the research.

He and his colleague, Peter Falkingham from the University of Manchester, used the life-sized copy of a T. rex skeleton exhibited at Manchester Museum as a model for their study. “We digitised the skull with a laser scanner, so we had a 3-D model of the skull on our computer,” Dr Bates explained.

via Geekologie and BBC

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