Darren Arnofsky Wanted Clint Eastwood for Batman

Does the idea of a Batman flick starring Clint Eastwood strike you as…weird?  How about an adaptation of “Batman: Year One”, co-written by Frank Miller, in which Batman is raised by an auto mechanic after his parents are murdered?  A Batman with no knowledge of his family fortune, something closer to a deranged vigilante than the deranged *extremely wealthy* vigilante we’ve come to know and love?  Yeah, sounds weird to me, too.  There might be some problems (just a few) with the Nolan version, but thank goodness we didn’t end up with this.  Or, you know, maybe it would’ve been great and I’d have to eat my words.  We’ll never know.

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  1. a younger version of clint could have fit quite easily in role of batman…he has the voice and the jawline as well as the scowl….and we all have to admit that eastwood is just simply a bad ass

  2. @jaymz

    i totally agree. Clint would fit as an older Bruce Wayne. Bitter, hard, and still able enough to kick your ass, even at his age.

  3. Yeah I could easily see Eastwood being a darker older rendition of Batman; like Dark Knight Returns. It's Batman's fate to grow old, bitter and alone.

  4. I can see it now, "Birds of Prey: Early Bird Special".
    You can expect gripping moment such as, watching Batman attempt to eat peas with a fork, or yelling at the Joker to "Get off my lawn!"
    I hear tickets only cost two bits…

    • Clint Eastwood would be a badass Batman for Dark Knight Returns. He's still got the balls, grit, and swagger.

  5. Eastwood would be perfect as Batman.. well years ago anyhow. However what strikes me as odd is why anyone would re-write Batman to such an extremely odd extent in the first place. That's like re-writing Superman so he now comes from nearby mars, or having Kamadi spending his entire comic book run trapped in a pet store!

    Come to think of it Bruce Dern would have made an excellent Joker oppisite Eastwood!

  6. year one is animated doesnt matter how old or young he is they wanted him for his voice put his voice under that hood and it'll sound good think about punk ya feeeling lucky??

  7. and you guys are talking about rewrites do you that almost every person who has ever redone a super hero puts there own twist on it.. and if you read frank millers graphic novels of batman i doubt you would think this is a bad idea

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