Beautiful 3D Stained Glass TARDIS [Picture]

This beautiful 3D Stained Glass TARDIS was made by Crafster user Xandrigirly during her stained glass art class. Beautiful little thing, isn’t it?

This semester, I’m in Stained Glass II, which means that after two panels and a little simple box, we got to pick more complicated/design our own 3D stained glass pieces! I was originally planning on a lantern type thing, but I changed my mind and decided this would be a box to keep my ever growing candy stash! And since I’m a dork, it had to be a TARDIS! Anyways, here it is, please excuse the crooked lines and such of a beginner!

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  1. Awesome! If you really want to improve your quality, work on your foiling and make sure it stays even, use less solder, and make “beauty passes” with the iron once you’ve soldered – just start at a corner and run your iron along the line to heat up the solder and smooth it out. Ho slow enough to heat the solder, fast enough to make one smooth line. It might take a few tries to learn but once you have the technique down you can consistently make nice lines. I spent some time working for a place that made hand crafted stained glass and if our lines weren’t smooth there was hell to pay – it was horrible at the time but now im glad of it because it made me a better artist.

    You obviously have pattern building down though, good for you!

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