Rejected Star Wars Toy Concepts [Gallery]

While trying to find ideas to cash in on the Star Wars prequels, marketers behind the movie came up with lots of weird ideas, including a Darth Vader lava lamp, a Death Star basketball, and even an inflatable emperor’s throne, which were ultimately all rejected. Jason Geyer, who was part of the team behind these concepts, recently released some of these designs, which you can all see in the picture gallery below.

[Source: Action Figure Insider]

6 Responses to Rejected Star Wars Toy Concepts [Gallery]

  1. FAIL! ‘While trying to find ideas to cash in on the Star Wars prequels…’

    Han Solo not a part of the prequels.

    Darth Vader not apart of the prequels until late, at least not the persona of Vader, just the journey OF Vader.


    • Pah-leese. The "prequels" were nothing more than Lucas cashing in on IV, V, and VI. There's virtually nothing in any of the movies that isn't intended to pander to fans of the first three movies. And that goes double for Phantom Menace. (Why the hell else would C3PO be built by Darth Vader?) I'm surprised that there WASN'T a scene with a crying baby in the background and a mother saying "There, there little Han."

  2. I'd have bought the Han Solo popsicle mold, but now there are rubber molds of Han in Carbonite for ice or chocolate, but too pricey. The inflateable Emperor's chair… that would be a great gift for my best friend who's a D&D Game Master, but it it was made today, it would probably cost around $40.

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