Hands on computing [Picture]


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  1. I've had gamer finger placement since i was about 10 years old (22 now) no matter what device i use my fingers go to the same spot, even writing essays that's where my fingers rest.

  2. If I place my left hand on the keyboard it defaults to pinky on the left shift, ring finger on the A, middle on the W, index on the D and thumb on the spacebar… yeah I'd say that was accurate.

  3. Left Hand – Pinky = left Shift, Ring = A, Middle = between S and D, Index = the line on the F, Thumb = Space Bar
    Right Hand – Pinky = right Shift, Ring = Semi-colon, Middle = O, Index = Line on the J, Thumb = Space Bar.
    I'd say I have a writing set-up.

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