46 Responses to Where’s Waldo: The Star Wars Edition [Picture]

  1. I've seen everything from the Tenth Doctor, TARDIS, a T-800, Eleventh Doctor and River Song dolls, TRON toys and Spock, McCoy and Kirk, but no Waldo. I'm convinced there is no Waldo.

  2. I think they meant this as a "picture like in the where's waldo books" as opposed to actually hiding waldo into this picture.

    But I did find a Jedi Batman. That was cool.

  3. Waldo is masked as C3PiO, down and center..you can see "c3pio" is silverish and there is some red showing up. And the real c3pio is way back hanging by Yoda's side.

  4. That is genius, i can see him now he is definitely there and bigger than you think just not in the same way as we are used to: think outside the box and you will see him, very very cleverly done

  5. I have decided that this is in fact, an image of people LOOKING for Wally/Waldo, therefore to find him just look at the wanted poster bottom right. That is at least what I'm going to tell myself so I can sleep tonight!

  6. I think I found him well a picture of him anyways I'll check again when I wake up in the morning then post where….though an even larger picture would be nice…

  7. I just read a tweet from the artist, Ulises Farinas. He doesn't remember if he actually put Waldo in the picture. It is a commission piece to find the characters that do not belong in that world.

    • Oh, not the guy standing next to the engine that Han and Leia are hiding behind then ? The one you suggest seems to be a backpacker, (Hitchhiker perhaps?) but it looks as if the guy in the vest is about to shovel some coal into the 3:10-train to Bespin.

  8. the only thing it could be is the grido creature right in the middle at the bottom with the cool glasses, stripy blue top with his arms around the two girls

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