Nyan Cat Hat With Toaster Pastry Earwarmers

Longtime [GAS] reader E. Foley has recently earned a few attribute points on her knitting skill tree by completing this Nyan Cat hat with toaster pastry earwarmers.

This pattern features Chunky Mochi Rainbow yarn, Rowan Drift (for the cat), and Knit Picks Palette for the toaster pastries. You’ll need size 10.5 needles (circular or double pointed) and size 2 needles (circular or straight). It’s easy enough for a beginner knitter! Fun and fast for an experienced one!

If you want to try your hand at making one, E. is selling the pattern for just $5 right here.

[Source: Geek’s Dream Girl]


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  1. these knitting skills and this subject matter is an instant +2 for any woman who is accomplished enough to produce them.

    well done, e foley, this makes you a 12 in my book.

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