Settlers of Star Trek

“Will you give me two Dilithium for one Tritanium?” This might be a question you’ll be asking sooner than you think! A new edition of the classic strategy board game Settlers of Catan is primed for release in March, so be ready to get your Red Shirts on ladies and gentlemen geeks, for Star Trek Catan will soon be here!

Of course, while every Trekkie and board gamer may be clamoring for this release, it is unfortunately going to be available only in Germany for now. The good news is that because of this, you now have both the time and a reason to brush up on your German language skills!Lebe lang und erfolgreich!”


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  1. The "official" but wrong translation is "Lebe lang und in Frieden" (live long and in peace).

    I would have translated it to "Lebe lang und blühe" (live long and bloom/prosper) which is more poetic and not so competition sounding like "Erfolgreich". Erfolgreich is more like "successful", in business or tournaments for example.

  2. Settlers Of Cataan came out in 1995… 17 years ago. While a very good game, one which you can even now buy at Target or even Meijer, I don't think "classic strategy game" is quite the right turn of phrase.

    • I would be considered an Old Gaurd Grognard at this point, 26 years of board and miniatures wargaming, and must politely disagree. I would definitely consider this a classic strategy game, and note that board games like this and Axis & Allies always received grief from those looking for deeper strategy play. While the depth of strategy in SoC may not be overly sophisticated when compared to other war games, simplicity is a virtue in this case. It can be played in an evening. There is a premium on time in order to reach a broader market these days. The few of us who still labor away at Squad Leader can no longer support the market. I am looking forward to this game, "Ich moechte habt!!" -Best

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