How To Troll Someone’s Computer [Pic]

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  1. You forgot to add "Set the task-bar to show up at the top, by clicking on it and changing it's properties", anyhow nice one.

    Done this many times, though.

  2. LOL.. I did a similar thing once. I made a folder on my bosses computer called PORN. I then screencapped his desktop and set it as his desktop.. All the folders and files that were there originally are still there in the same place.. I deleted the PORN folder so it appeared that there was a folder there that couldn't be erased.. Was really funny when his boss came in.. was funny watching him trying to explain and erase the folder too..

    • Remember Novel networking messages? They look remarkably like the error messages you got when the drives where full. So I sent a message to a girl I know who worked in IT "Drive PORN is full." Along with the rest of the error message you normally get when writing to a full disk. She went around the IT department asking everyone if they had a PORN drive on the network.

  3. My favorite, and much more subtle trick is to edit the auto correct dictionary. This is the feature that automatically fixes commonly misspelled words like teh with the. I replaces "and" with "anus" on my buddies PC. In Outlook goto Tools>Options>Spelling. Hit auto correct options. You'll see a list of words "Replace X with Y" Change whatever words amuse you. Similar spelling and length works best. Less used words will go unnoticed longer.

  4. Don't forget to Ctrl+Shift Right Click on the window that opens up when you press the start button and click end explorer :P Now they won accidently stumble upon the hidden task bar!

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