Monopoly Gets iFever

Photo Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Monopoly is one of those games that was simply a classic, but they constantly felt the need to rejig. I suppose with the shortening attention span of children these days, and the fact that you see four-year-olds playing with their parent’s iPads, Hasbro must have felt like they needed to keep up with the times.

And keep up they have! I’m actually rather intrigued by this new “Monopoly zAPPed”. While “Monopoly Live” creates a kinda creepy robot fifth player that takes on the role of judge, ref, and banker, as well as adding some new “mini-games” features, it seems that Monopoly zAPPed does all that with your iOS device.

There’s a fake debit card coated in “conductive paint” technology created by Volumique that will be able to be tapped against your iPhone to make purchases. There will also be mini-games on the device to get out of jail (cool!).

Of course, I’ve always been a bit of traditionalist with my gaming experiences (I still own a PS1 for crying out loud!) and so the idea of there no longer being money for me to neatly tuck under the board as we play…well that sounds just slightly horrific.

All the same, if I can win a game on the iPhone to get out of jail…

The Game of Life is also meant to get zAPPed removing the awesome spinny thing in the centre (which makes me sad…but also happy because the spinny thing totally didn’t work on our board). There’s also meant to be awesome little Nintendo Mii-type characters and “family” snapshots at the end of the game  with your little adventures. Kinda funky.

Both games will be sold for $25 each later on this year.


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