Diablo III: Blizzard Says You Will Die. A Lot. [Video]

At BlizzCon 2011, the Diablo III Gameplay panel included this video from 3D Artist Kevin K. Griffith, Environment Artist Nate Bowden, Senior Artist Nick Eberle, and 3D Artist Richie Marella. In the video, they try to answer the question: “How hard is this game going to be in Nightmare difficulty (and above)?”



6 Responses to Diablo III: Blizzard Says You Will Die. A Lot. [Video]

  1. Yeay! Tell me more about this game and how amazing it's going to be. Just don't fucking tell me when it will come out. Anticipation is fun for a while, then it's just a lot of jerking off.

  2. apparently you need people to play with and cant solo it… That is one thing I liked about the Diablo series, you didn't have to depend on others… and they better be keeping that concept with diablo 3 as well..

  3. I'm gonna link back to this video about a month after D3 releases. Why? Because by then there'll be a ton of people who are tearing through Hell and Inferno on their own with massively overpowered toons that can't be stopped. No matter how much effort a development team puts into making a game difficult, there's always going to be a group of players who figure out how to exploit the system to make things easy.

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