Building the Lego Super Star Destroyer

I am out and I get a call on my cell from a dear friend of mine. He just informs me that he is setting aside the rest of his day to build his new Lego Super Star Destroyer. My first reaction?

“You bought this massive Lego Star Destroyer with your very own hard earned money and you have the GALL to tell me you are starting without me??”

I promptly invade his home and insisted that I be a part of this massive undertaking.

Let me tell you. This is not a task for the easily distracted. Or Poor. The commitment to build the Lego Super Star Destroyer is a commitment not easily broken. Once you open that telephone book of instructions to this incredibly detailed 50 inch (1.27 meters) Lego masterpiece, you better have a lot of time on your hands.

Tran, Ken and I set out to build this set while our better halves decreased Tran’s wine reserves.

The Display Title with statistics.

Chassis assembly.

Partial hull detail with (not to scale) bridge interior.

Outer plating installed.

Another look at (not to scale) bridge interior. Includes holographic Emperor piece!

For scale, an Imperial Class Star Destroyer flies alongside.

Detail of bridge.

Rear view.

Tran making final adjustments.

The finished product.

This set is truly a masterpiece. This massive set comes packed in separate numbered bags. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said the instructions resembled a phone book. It is quite daunting. We were constantly amazed at the clever construction methods, and giggled like children when we saw the tiny Imperial Class Star Destroyer and minifigs.

Thanks again to Tran, who let me share in this amazing day of Lego building.

Lego Death Star is next on the list!

19 Responses to Building the Lego Super Star Destroyer

  1. I have the same lego set, started it in the evening for a few hours. Finished it up the next morning.

    Despite its size the model is still swooshable… with 2 hands at least…

  2. I got the Super Star Destroyer back in december, I also have the Millennium Falcon, and the collector's edition ATST, Vader's Tie fighter, and x-wing :) and yes consuming time they are!

  3. ok, i admit, it is quite cool, but the problem i have with all this lego stuff at the moment is there is no skill to build it, and before you all attack me, i mean that it is a specific kit for a star destroyer with specific parts for that particular model, when i was young (and i'm sure a few of you too) lego wasn't like it is now and it required alot more skill and imagination to build objects on a grand scale. show me the same model made from run of the mill standard lego parts and i will be more impressed.

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