Gotham City Imposters is Online Now

I just bought myself a copy of Gotham City Imposters on Steam and its worming its way into my hard drive as we speak.

You haven’t heard of Gotham City Imposters? Have you been hiding under a rock? You play a makeshift superhero or supervillain in a deathmatch style romp while Batman is out of town. Check out the trailer:

The game looks wildly fun, and I can’t wait to get my cartoony smash on. There is also a metric pantload of unlockable achievements that can be used to upgrade your toon, but for the slacker with too much money and no desire to earn it, all the unlockable gadgets, costumes, and gear are available via DLC.

Kotaku shares:

The game now has over one hundred selections of downloadable costume pieces, ranging in price from $1 to $4 (80-320 MSP). A majority of the DLC is obtainable the old fashioned way – by playing the game and earning tokens.

Personally, I want to have that pride knowing that if my wannabe Batman is running around in a burlap bag and a tutu that I EARNED it. That and the $15USD price tag on this silly thing is half the appeal.

Paying for content that is unlockable in game just feels cheap and takes half the fun away.

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