The Ultimate Geek Comic

If you’re a geek and you don’t read xkcd, you should be horrified and appalled. You should also now spend the next hour or so flicking through the comics, picking out the ones you understand on the first go and the ones that took you a little while.

The more you understand on the first go, the higher your geek rating. And the sexier you are.

Though this one I just find hilarious. Black Sheep anyone?

You will be led to judgement like lambs to the slaughter--a simile whose existence, I might add, will not do your species any favors.

[Via xkcd]


4 Responses to The Ultimate Geek Comic

  1. Fnnggrgrrg… Why doesn't anyone ever post the ALT text when they repost an xkcd comic? There's a whole extra joke missing here.

    PS, if you're a geek who reads xkcd but doesn't know about ALT text, you should now go and hover over every single comic :)

      • I thought perhaps I might have gone partially blind, but luckily when I got home from work I still had the tab open and the ALT wasn't there – someone added it in the two hours it took you to, uh, post a reply ;)

        Also, the border around the comic is new, I like it

        Gosh I'm bored…

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