30 Best Reactions to DC’s Proposed “Watchmen Prequel”

Since nothing is good (except pizza) in this cold world, and talentless, imaginationless nincompoops run things, there will apparently be a “Watchmen” prequel.  Alan Moore is rightfully pissed off.  And the internet…well she is a-grumble.  Gamma Squad has rounded up a nice collection of Twitter reactions to this very, very silly news.

via Gamma Squad


2 Responses to 30 Best Reactions to DC’s Proposed “Watchmen Prequel”

  1. Moore is "rightfully" pissed? Sorry. I agree this will probably be terrible, but Moore signed a contract, lo, those many years ago. If he doesn't like the results, I would hope that the experience helped Moore be more protective of his properties in subsequent negotiations. Long story short: DC can do whatever the heck they want with their property, because it is their property.

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