WTF – Introducing Kissenger: The Kiss Transmission Robot [Video]

Just in time for Valentine’s day, here comes the Kissenger: a robot that can transmit kiss over the Internet. Check it out:

Now that is what I call technology gone horribly wrong.

It consists a pair of robots to transmit kiss over distance in real-time. Kissenger provides a novel way of transferring a kiss through internet. It provides a physical interface enabling kiss communication for several applications facilitating intimate human tele-presence with the real and virtual worlds.

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5 Responses to WTF – Introducing Kissenger: The Kiss Transmission Robot [Video]

  1. I think it's a great first step!…..Call me when the "Hummessenger" comes out! And for the sake of fairness and equality, for the ladies…the "Cunnilinguist", cause some of guys believe 'it's just as good to give as to receive'.
    And just think of the possibilities….An Astronaut billions of miles, and, years and years of travel time away….. wants to come back to witness the birth of his child. And now through the magic of science, specifically high speed communication–robotics–cryogenics…..introducing the "Sperminator"! An anatomically correct, made to the exact specifications of the astronaut, life like, insemination device….and the reciprocal female device matching his wife's "nooks and crannies". A synchronized "wham bam thank you ma'am" or an all-nighter, and 9 months later….entry AND re-entry! Welcome home Major Tom and Minor Tom!

    But…….if some one develops a remote "teabagger"……I don't wanna know!…………lol!

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