Superhero and Villain Alignment Chart [Pic]

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  1. Rorschach isn't Chatoic Good, he's Lawful Good.

    "Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us, Daniel."

    That is not the statement of someone of Chaotic alignment. It's a statement that represents the very definition of Lawful. Rorschach has a strict morality, a set of personal rules, and he sticks to them, no matter what. Even if it means that he has to do more harm than good by sticking to those rules.

    "Of course. You must protect Veidt's new utopia. What's one more body amongst the foundations? Well, what are you waiting for? Do it. DO IT!"

    Even if it costs him his life.

    • Yeah, but what he does to back up those beliefs are what makes him Chaotic Good. Lawful Good must stay within the boundaries of law to do what is good, Chaotic Good doesn't have that holding them back.

      • Chaotic does not mean evil and Lawful does not mean good. Lawful means that an individual has a strict set of rules and guidelines that they follow. These could be derived from the laws of society, the beliefs of a philosophy or religion, or a criteria based in personal experiences and tragedies. Whatever the set of rules, the lawful person will attempt to adhere to the guidelines as best as they are able. A revolutionary who fights against a government they view as corrupt can be lawful to their own philosophy while breaking the rules and laws of the government they fight against.

        Chaotic is the opposite of lawful. A chaotic individual will strive to not only be unpredictable themselves, but to upset the order they perceive in other individuals or society as a whole. The Joker is a perfect example of a chaotic individual. His mindset, his entire state of being, is devoted to destroying order, to breaking down the rules and laws of society, and to forcing people to violate their own moral codes. In short, he is dedicated to spreading chaos.

        Good and evil have more to do with how an individual chooses to treat other sentient beings. Someone who is good will do everything they can to avoid unnecessarily harming another individual, and will often make sacrifices to improve the lives of others. (Not all sacrifices have to be large, giving some spare change to a needy person is an example of a small sacrifice.) Someone who is evil is the opposite. They will seek to harm others as often as they can get away with. Be it a knife in the belly or a harsh word about a friend's new dress, the evil person seeks to cause pain to someone else for their own advancement or gratification.

        Neutral is the lack of a compulsion to follow law or chaos, or to be good or evil. It is the alignment of self interest. A Neutral person doesn't break the law because the potential gains are outweighed by the penalties if they get caught. A neutral person doesn't seek to harm others, but they also don't feel inclined to help others either. The decisions they make are influenced more by their personal wants and needs than the wants and needs of others; and the decision they make one day may be different from the next day depending on their mood and state of mind.

        So I guess I should have said that Rorschach is Lawful Neutral. He has a strict code he follows when dealing with criminals, but (unlike the Comedian, for example) he doesn't seek to cause unnecessary harm to others. ("Men get arrested. Dogs get put down.") If someone is preventing him from following his Lawful nature he'll remove them as a threat, but he doesn't seek to cause them any more pain than necessary. (Such as knocking out a police officer instead of defenestrating him out of a high-rise.)

  2. I’m surprised that nobody has noticed Doctor Doom is also wrong; he’s Lawful Evil. If you get his word of honor, he will never go back on it; a Neutral would break their word if there was gain (for the greater good, or his own good) in it.

  3. Rorschach is not Good, whith his love of violence and torturous methods, he could well be evil, Punisher does this too they are both LN or LE.

    Doom is Lawful.

    Cable has screwed over timelines in multiple dimensions on purpose – He's chaotic.

    Venom (Gargan or Brock, dunno too much bout current venom, prolly the same though) works better as NE – Selfish, uncaring, greedy, out for personal gain with no ethical perspective.

    Carnage is better than the Joker as CE – because I'm a marvel and carnage fanboy. There are no other reasons.

    Batman should never be in an alignment table. EVER!


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