In Search of the Perfect (Nerdy) Hoodie

by Meredith Placko
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Ever have those chilly mornings where you just want to run out of the house, grab a cup of coffee and a box of the most amazing donuts you’ve ever eaten? Then you realize you’ve left all your coats in the car, with no hope of them offering any warmth once you put them on. You reach into your closet for something to throw over your tank top… and strike out. You suddenly realize you don’t own a single pull over hooded sweatshirt that would offer the perfect protection from the arctic blast that is Atlanta, GA’s winter.

So instead of putting on, oh… I don’t know, a sweater or something; I’ve decided to spend the morning looking for the perfect hoodie and offer up the ten best hoodies I can find that a geek (and girl!) like me should own!

Battlestar Galactica “So Say We All” hoodie from Her Universe

I don’t know about you guys, but I often find myself in fights against toasters and a sweet hoodie like this might help protect me when I pull my burnt toast out of the oven.

Star Wars Darth Vader Track Jacket from Super Hero Stuff

Whether you’re a despotic ruler rolling around in your grave or you just love the feel of 100% polyester against your skin, nothing says “I just took TEN laps around the Death Star” quite like this jacket.

Iron Man Costume Hooded Sweatshirt on Amazon

My friend Andy sent this to me and said I’d look like “a total bad ass” wearing this. I think the addition of a tap light on my chest would complete this look.

Fringe Division Hoodie on Red Bubble

I really wish Peter would stop getting himself into these situations. And Olivia, or Fauxlivia, or whoever you are, stop it. Stop it now. </end obscure rant after last night’s episode> As I sit here with my Fringe Division mug, drinking my not-amazing-donut-shop coffee, I’m wondering why I wasn’t issued one of these sexy sweatshirts, so next time I’m crossing universes Walternate won’t send his shape shifters after me.

Portal 2 Test Candidate Hoodie from Think Geek

Congratulations on being accepted as a test candidate for the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center. Please keep your hoodie on you at all times as the results of prolonged exposure of test subjects to the outside world are as yet unknown.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Eva Hoodies from Gainex

Suit up as your favorite human-Angel hybdrid and take on Tokyo!

Tokidoki Captain America vs. Red Skull Hoodie from

There’s nothing like punching Nazi’s in the face with this F* Yeah Captain America style sweatshirt!

Arkham Asylum Inmate Hoodie from Super Hero Stuff

Nothing says high inmate fashion like a bright orange sweat shirt straight from Arkham Asylum.

Storm Trooper Hoodie by Marc Ecko

The ultimate hoodie for those sneak attacks on Hoth.

Custom Power Rangers Hoodies

They even have dressy options for those black tie affairs. Suit up and go fight those alien baddies in an array of rainbow colored hoodies.

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