Mathematics Makes for Ugly Music

Two things that are completely relevant to us geekazoids: mathematics and beauty. This guy uses incredible mathematics to create pattern-free structures to create the world’s ugliest music, composed using a structure called the Golomb ruler.

Another one for the age-old battle of arts vs. science: perhaps we can’t create the most beautiful music, but damn it, only mathematicians can make the world’s worst music!

8 Responses to Mathematics Makes for Ugly Music

  1. I listen to a lot of modern experimental and progressive music, and I feel like those types of musicians would have a lot of fun with something like this.

    • It’s so funny how it instantly reminded me of some kind of experimental piece that tried to be artistic. It might be interesting in that context, but I wonder what kind of people actually do listen to it.

  2. i totally dig how he's trying to rock that out and still look like a professional. it sorta reminds me of the old bugs cartoons.

  3. Theres mistake on on board (5:00).. When you multiply 27×3=81 and next they have that same formula with diffrent answer, 27×3=243.. When it should be 81×3=243.. :D

  4. I don't know what the problem is, I actually enjoyed it, anyone got a suggestion where I could get me a copy of that?

    I think the main issue with ugly and beauty is the absence of pattern (which again can be discussed) being discussable.

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