Chocolate Solar System too Pretty to Eat

I found this today while checking out the aptly named This Is Why Im and I just fell in love with the presentation.

Of course my inner child couldn’t resist the subtitle “Ever wonder what Uranus tastes like?” either. I giggled.

From the Official Japanese website with a french name, L’éclat, Google Translate gives us a rough translation:

All the chocolate taste eight solar system planets, the planet is set chocolate. Planets in a row in the image of the universe package, like the real solar system space. Pleasure serving you as a gift, a set of popular.

As much as I think this unique gift would make an impact on any space fan, these beautiful candies are almost too pretty to eat, especially considering their price: Approximately $50 (¥ 3,800) for 9 pieces!

I would rather this was a polished marble set suitable for display on your classy desktop… next to your Han Solo in Carbonite, of course.


11 Responses to Chocolate Solar System too Pretty to Eat

  1. ^^ What? Neptune's definitely there, and without it, there'd only be seven planets… There are eight above, which is exactly the number there should be (now, anyway. Poor, poor Pluto).

  2. That is a fraudulent product given it's misrepresentation of the Solar System.
    There are 9 Planets with 3-4 Planetoids, and if science wants to screw around with me some more I'll start teaching people there are 13 Planets to smite them for slighting Pluto!

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