Which Type of Facebooker are You?

So geeks, which type of Facebooker are you?

[Via Weknowmemes]

12 Responses to Which Type of Facebooker are You?

  1. Given the choices, I'm probably closest to being a Lurker. If you change "never" to "rarely", then I would say that nails it for me.

  2. I’m not really any of these, but I guess I’m closest to a Lurker with snatches of a Liker and occasional sprinkles of the Cynic thrown in. I do post, but I read a lot more than I post and I often will Like someone’s post to show I’ve been there. I can be moody at times, and sometimes that comes out. More often I’m sarcastic or snarky, but you didn’t have a category for that.

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