Indiana Jones Custom Engagement Ring!

A man known only as Homerliwag on Reddit revealed a very unique wedding ring and proposal to his Indiana Jones-obsessed fiance to be.

Starting with an elaborate Indiana Jones themed proposal, Homerliwag gave his beloved…. a bag of sand.

TheMarySue quotes the designer and fiance:

It was about 2 or 3 days before November, 11, 2011 (11.11.11). My girlfriend Aimee was wanting to do something special that day. So, I decided to look for an engagement ring. 11.11.11 happened and I had no ring. What should I do?! Being that Aimee is an avid Indiana Jones fan, I decided to surprise her with a ring box. When she opened the box, inside wasn’t an engagement ring – Just a bag of sand! I told her, Indiana Jones must have swooped in and stolen the “treasure” and left her with a bag of sand (just like the movie).

Being a designer and artist, I felt I had to do something special. Since Aimee is a very enthusiastic Indiana Jones fan, the thought of a coiled whip as the ring seemed perfect. I did a few quick drawings and found a custom jeweler in Las Vegas. The “bag of sand” bought me some time to have the ring custom made. And with her favorite color yellow, I selected a fancy yellow diamond which also represents “The Idol”.

Check out the concept art he gave the jeweler:

After pulling off this one of a kind proposal and a brilliantly unique engagement ring, I’d have that framed and hung next to the wedding pictures.

Presuming he doesn’t rip her heart out and lower her into lava in an elaborate Temple of Doom sacrifice-themed wedding.

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