World’s Largest NES Controller

I had a friend show me a picture of his girlfriend standing in front of the world’s largest rocking chair the other day.  I don’t normally get the whole “world’s largest” thing.  Wow, a ball of string!  Sweet.  But this is actually pretty cool, as it paves the way for two player Mario…at the same time!

The massive controller measures approximately 12ft (w) x 5 ft (d) 3 in x1ft 8 in (h), and weighs in at a whopping 265 pounds. It was built by Ben Allen, along with Stephen van Hof and Michel Verhulst.

The controller cost over $6,000 (USD) to construct, and yes – it does play games. The thing is so big that it takes at least two people to play a game with it, as the armspan required to use the D-Pad at the same time as the A/B buttons is too wide for even the likes of Yao Ming. Hence, my comment about Co-Op mode in the title above.

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  1. Yes, I don't get the whole 'worlds biggest' thing either, particularly in this case, as how hard is it to make a wooden box this big, make the big buttons, and hook it up to the original microswitches stripped out of a standard controller ~ so to me what is noteworthy here is that it cost 6000 dollars USD, they were definately ripped off as a coffin-maker will make you a box this big for a third of the price ~ one that you could play Mario from inside :D

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