Why Not Try a Book Today? [Pic]

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  1. Infinite Battery Life – Only if kept in proper conditions
    Never loses your data – Unless pages are ripped out or damaged by water (ink runs)
    Compatible with all hands/eyes – see Bob's comment, also people with no hands/vision difficulties and/or cognitive disorders
    Drop resistant – unless in water or fire, and if thrown in the right way, the wall can break a binding

    False, but books are good.

  2. -Too heavy for easy transport of multiple titles
    -Content is fixed once recorded
    -Can't be replicated repeatedly without replicative fading

  3. most of the big publishing co's supported sopa/pipa, also there may not be drm but copyright still applies to books, also i am dyslexic and get page glare so i find it harder to read from paper than a screen so it would seem i am incompatible to some degree.

  4. drm is an attempt to make digital media behave more like physical media. so that point is pretty much bullshit.

    and books aren't compatible with my hands or eyes.. so that point is also bullshit.

  5. You forgot an important bit, old books smell like vanilla due to lignin produced in the breakdown of wood cellulose and stimulate pleasure receptors in the brain when the scent is inhaled. No kindle can replicate THAT. Besides, I don't WANT the content altered from the original publication and those electronic readers, even the new ones, trigger my migraines. Sorry, SOME of us can still see that godsawful flicker that nobody's supposed to be able to detect. It's far harder to break a book and once you buy it, it can't be "wiped" unless you set it on fire. The ONLY benefit a Kindle has is that you can carry hundreds of books around at once. But why is that necessary? You can really only keep up with three storylines at once, so no more than three books need to be carried at any given time. If you can't carry three books, you've got bigger problems that what format to read them in.

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