DC Comics Unleashes New Logos

It’s not just a few new books DC comics launched, today an update to their iconic logo was unveiled.

DC Comics EVP of Sales, John Reed, explains the why behind the redesign:

“It’s a new era at DC Entertainment and the new look reflects a dynamic, bold approach while at the same time celebrates the company’s rich heritage and robust portfolio of characters. It was just a few months ago that Superman, Batman and many of our other Super Heroes were updated when we launched DC Comics – The New 52 and now it’s time to do the same for the company’s identity while remaining true to the power of storytelling which is still at the heart of DC Entertainment.”

What are your thoughts on the new logos?

[Via: DC Comics]


22 Responses to DC Comics Unleashes New Logos

  1. I think it's supposed to be a page turning.

    But I like the bullet. I wish they would have just updated that like they did the last time they made a new logo.

  2. I prefer the earlier logo. This one looks kiddish. It's like DC is trying to be like Marvel, when DC is already so much better.

  3. To be honest, I really didn't see the "D" until I read the comments. But, I think they should have used Batman and Superman looks. Such as the "D" being a Batcape flowing back to reveal a red "C". Or use Superman's cape revealing a glowing neon green "C". They could mix it up and not just have one version.

  4. “Meh” isn’t quite the right word…but I’m severely underwhelmed. Why is it so hard for designers to make attractive, interesting logos anymore? Just about every time a company makes a new logo, it’s craptastically ugly, silly, childish, or boring. I understand the need to make something new, but really, sometimes change for the sake of change is not a good thing. The previous logo was fine. The classic logo is even better.

    • Because companies don't WANT an attractive, interesting logo. They want < insertCurrentBuzzwordHere > type of logos.

      Instead, they want logos that look like they were shat out by a toddler.

  5. Downright ugly! How much did they pay for that? They claim to be updating to meet the changes in the industry. I can understand the need for a change. But the new logo looks like a step backwards in graphic technology.

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