Ninja Turtles Fans are Going Straight to Hell! [Video]

Aren’t you aware of it? Most of today’s toys and TV shows will turn our kids into debased psychopaths with no moral values!



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  1. Zealotry belongs in the middle ages, not modern day. These people are frightening enough, what with their whole "Earth was made in 6 days, zombies are real, God doesn't make gays" garbage, but now they're trying to subtly and sneakily influence the rest of the world with their cultist brainwashing techniques.

  2. Haha, they showed Heroquest. I hadn't seen one of those games in years, till about 2 weeks ago. Someone asked me if I wanted to play. Definitely Witchcraft. After that game, I'm ready to go out and start sodomizing everyone. And sacrificing kittens, or something.

  3. Howdy, I'm kinda new to this forum, but for the love of MIKE, can't these morons and their self-righteous claptrap find anything more constructive to do than criticize toys?! The clown that compares the force to wicca (white magic) and black magic has his head so far up his over sized rump that he can't see the light of day. These are TOYS, for crying out loud!!
    These so-called Christians are nothing more than the neighborhood busy body, who challenge everyone else's beliefs if they don't agree with them. I've dealt with them before and have told them to their faces, when asked if I understood what they were trying to say in their preaching, that I wasn't as stupid as they looked. My word, they want to ban everything that is fantasy or make believe and replace it with their own version of the world, which is sadly warped out of all reality.

    • The thing is stuff like TMNT is not a belief system or a foundation for one. It's just light hearted throwaway entertainment that many people simply grow out of after a while. These guys are taking that stuff way too seriously.. more seriously than the people who consume such entertainment.

  4. HOLY CRAP Christians stealing from advertisers to get their point across. Most things are evil in one way or another. The child demographic marketing system and Christians are equally wrong, and inherently immoral.

  5. Christian or not I think we still need to watch what our kids play with and the messages they are exposed to. A good example of this are the multitude of comic hero based movies and the merchandise that is often marketed towards kids that are not old enough to even watch the films. Why do kids need TMNT teething cookies!!?? These companies are interested in what sells not what's best for the kid and market to age ranges that are completly inappripriate to make a buck. Content aside, as a parent I'm also hugely frustated with the amount of junk that is out there, major brands hype their product and get the kids all excited only to make absolute junk that falls apart and wastes money.

  6. These dudes don't speak for a majority of Christians. In fact I don't k now of any Christians that think like that….plus I want that giant bepop figure

  7. huh? vcr-stripes in the picture, bad color, noisy audio – how old is this? looks like some cheap home video from the ’80s.

  8. As a Christian that video made me cringe. Obviously anybody should consider what they let there kids play with and watch but the examples they used were so benign that it is absurd. And last time I checked the force was not a part of Ninja Turtles. Also, the Bible is full of more violence and sex than any of those programs they railed against so I think they need to go back and see what the Bible actually says.

  9. One of my friends came from a very very conservative background. Listened to only certain kinds of music, boycotted Disney, didn't watch TV or go to most movies, and thought Pokemon was bordering on evil. They also prepared for the year 2000. (Anyone remember the hysteria that brought? I feel old for remembering…) She was a very nice girl, and I did genuinely like her, but it was difficult to find things to talk about since she had so many rules and regulations she followed.

    My family is Christian and I think most people here would consider them conservative. However, they never boycotted anything and we (sister & I) were allowed to watch what was appropriate for our age group and personalities. I introduced my younger sister to Pokemon (which I regret, because she got obsessed with it and killed it for me). We went to Disneyland when we visited my Grandparents in FL and we watched Disney movies through my entire childhood.

    I dunno, if the devil was in any of what we watched, we never noticed. My sister and I got our values from our parents, not what we watched. If something conflicted, my parents paid enough to attention to us to point it out and/or have a discussion about it.

  10. If this video wasn't so old I'd be worried, but I remember my Sunday School teacher telling me that the X-Men were bad because they "didn't get their powers from God."

    These are stupid people using God to vilify things they don't like. "I don't get the appeal of Pokemon, so now I'm going to call them Japanese Demon Evolutionists".

    Old people, amiright?

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