Bill Gates is Better than Batman [Infographic]

microsoft infographic

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  1. I am very grateful to those people that give a part of their fortune to philantropic causes.

    But, as far as I am concerned, I think that FEED those poor people in need first would be more intelligent than “feeding” the laboratorie(s) that produce the vaccines… Don’t you think ?
    We should also read a little bit more about vaccines. This kind of medicine has been questionned more than one time…
    We should remember that one third of the world’s population is hungry, and another third is malnourished. And 70% of USA’s population is overweighted. That’s only one example between others.
    I think we should solve this issue first. Good health means firstly good food.

  2. haha! This is pretty naive, but it gave me a chuckle. I really got a laugh outta them think that Bill Gates *personally* donated money. Um, no. He has a team of financial advisors that invest money, which I'm sure is done to either make more money or just appear like he cares. Also, it's pretty easy to care if caring = giving away money esp if you're wealthy. Doesn't mean if you stripped away his money that he'd still be helping those in need out. Pretty funny article. Belongs on Cracked

    • I don't see you donating $28 billion… just saying…

      I'm also pretty sure that he cares – compare him to Steve Jobs (RIP) who pretty much gave nothing to charity during his lifetime. Poor comparison but just shows that he doesn't have to do that. Bill also encourages other wealthy people to share their money – do you think that also generates him money?

      Whatever the reason – he doesn't have to do that, yet he does. And that's why he should be appreciated for it. Read a bit more about his charity work and then complain, truth is he helped more people than me and you even know personally.

    • Obviously he cared enough to setup a big fund for charity and spend the rest of his retirement giving money away.

      That's more than most rich people do. Take what you can get, dude.

  3. Still want to see his ninja skills…. All repect to the Gates Familia…. Its funny but it once was that Gates was seen as the epitamy of evil..

  4. Haters will never acknowledge Gates' generosity, at best they would note it and say the usual "yes, but" response. The truth is, Bill has done more for humanity than his rivals ever did or ever will. He deserves a Nobel Peace Price IMO.

    • Crap. Although what he is doing with the money now is good – and needed – the biggest problem I have with Gates was how he obtained the money in the first place – via Microsoft. That company is/was not an ethical company by any stretch and to have gained his money in such a manner is no excuse.

      Essentially you're following the same logic of the past where it was acceptable to do whatever sins you want during your life so long as you recanted them on your deathbed (to the priest and gave generously to the church). Same principle applies here.

      • You build 1 of the biggest corporations in existence, transform a breakthrough industry in the process, then talk about ethics.
        Either way, the 1 thing doesn't have anything to do with the other, besides being a reach to criticize someone who's in the midst of doing historically extraordinary good.

  5. So I am guessing you all missed the power point presentation where he demonstrates how he wants to REDUCE global population through vaccines and health care! REDUCE as in murder!

    • Reduce as stop meaningless breading in the regions where health care and starvation is a concern… I would go further to explain psychological and evolutionary mechanisms responsible for such effect but people like you cant see past what they want to see. Ciao!

      • Buon giorno Gobkin, so have you seen the TED video presentation then? It is pretty clear cut and he says it in his own words. Reduce, as in he wants to use vaccines to reduce global population. Nothing to do with meaningless breeding, that is down to the catholic church and thier missionairies forbidding the use of birth control. Remeber every sperm is sacred and all that. Starvation is down to the corpoarte banking cartel and the corrupt governments they fund putting these countries into an ever decending spiral of debt. Anyway, thanks for your constructive insight. Open your eyes! cya

  6. I'm just gonna say it: good for him. I wish more wealthy people did this.

    And no I'm not some sort of Microsoft fanboy. I just believe that generosity is a GOOD THING and should be encouraged where ever it's found

  7. I only come here to express how incredibly amazed I am of the mighty stupidity in most of the comments. May you die a thousand deaths, you imbeciles.

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