Alan Moore’s “Future Shocks” available

io9 has a great review up over Alan Moore’s old Future Shocks cartoons, which are described as Tales From the Crypt in space.  The review is favorable, and has me salivating to get my hands on a copy:

People tend to forget that Alan Moore can be a funny dude, and the high points of this collection are off-kilter comedy. The best bits star weirdos like the aforementioned Bayer Lupo, the doomed planet Klakton (a riff on Superman’s origin), Dr. Dibworthy (a time stream meddler who tosses anvils through chronoportals), and the unctuous Abelard Snazz, a problem-solving supergenius who has the uncanny knack for attracting angry mobs. Moore even pens a ripping take on Tharg the Mighty, 2000 AD‘s surly, Betelgeusian master of ceremonies.

Future Shocks is available here.

via io9

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