Homemade Synthesizer – KITCHEN MUSIC [Video]

I’m not sure if this is fake or not, but if it’s not, it is very impressive. However, last time I’ve heard, ceramic isn’t really conductive, which should speak for itself… but I may be talking through my hat… anybody feels like chiming in on this?

I got bored and curious at the same time so I decided to see if I could turn my kitchen into a musical instrument… DIY style.

[The Pianoist]

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    • Whilst ceramics may be used in semiconductors, they are used as insulators. They are not themselves semiconductors.

      What George said is correct. He is amplifying the vibrations and using that.

  1. I wasn't totally convinced it was a fake, until that bit (3:18) where he has glasses of water on top of the bowls and taps them with cutlery. Also, the first glass he taps is also the same glass he taps, yet you hear to different notes. That's when all credibility evaporates for me.

      • if all he really did was turn it into a keyboard like Oni says then he is easily running multiple tracks to make this and it wouldnt be hard then to change some things to make it so the same "key" gives you different sounds

  2. Aaron, the ceramics in semiconductors ate used to create space between conductive materials… With that said, he’s not actually putting the electricity through the bowls or he wouldn’t be able to touch them, he’s recording the vibrations against the surface made by static electricity created under the bowls…. If that makes any sense.

  3. The easiest way to explain what is happening there is suppose that the sounds are not made by the cutlery, but by the computer. What I mean is that the cutlery is just a sensor, and it sends it's signals to a computer that uses it as an imput to make sounds. If he was actually using the static field variation to make sound … All the sounds would be alike … (The ones he makes with the bowls, the ones he makes with the forks, the ones he makes with the glasses, they all would have the same structure, just different frecuency). So, I guess he just turned his kitchen in an enormus keyboard, and used that keyboard with a sampler to make noise.

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