Repetitive Tasks: Geeks vs. Non-Geeks [Picture]


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    • The gain is entirely dependent one the distribution of tasks along that line and how far onwards the complexity graph should be plotted. Also don't forget that if we need to do a repetitive task once we know that we might have to do it a second time. I have a suit of tools (online) that make some dicking about with test so much quicker. I use them most weeks. I win.

      • Which means Geeks will eventually conquer everything, as an infinitely extending graph like this states that anything is possible when everything is automated. This graph may actually account for the singularity (at least on a basic scale) when Geeks figure out how to write scripts that can then write better scripts et cetera.

  1. Reminds me of one time in economics class my professor assigned us to do part of a homework assignment and gave us the formulas we would need to do the other half, just not the data. After I finished the part of the homework that I could do, I wrote a program and put in all the formulas and everything that my professor had given us. The formulas necessary were simple matters of adding, subtracting, and maybe some multiplying and dividing, which we had to do multiple times for all the different sets of numbers…lots of repetition. The next day, in class, I had my laptop with me and when my professor gave us the necessary data to complete the exercise. I inputted the data into the program and then ran it. All this time, the other students were frantically calculating the answers and calling them out. After they managed to get two answers, my program finished running and I began calling out answers. Pretty soon, I was the only one calling them out and I was doing so so quickly that my professor asked if I was cheating (though how he thought I could I don't know since I couldn't see his paper) and I told him no, I'd written a program the night before that did the calculations necessary. He knew I was a computer geek and rolled his eyes at me before returning to the board.

  2. The Geek will always do more work the FIRST time to accomplish the task. Every time after that he or she will complete the task far quicker and reliably than the non-Geek. Kind of like that old carpenter's axiom, "measure twice, cut once"

  3. What are of the graph shows the boss noticing that the geek has replaced himself with scripts and is no longer necessary to the company?

  4. Where the geek and non geek lines intersect the geek thinks he has won but in fact this is the point at which the non-geek has already stopped doing the repetitive task because it was repetitive and boring – and has subsequently started chatting to the cute intern working next to the geek

  5. The graph is missing the third dimension which demonstrates the geeks replication of this task a million fold thereby replacing all non-geeks, impressing management and also replacing his useless supervisor. The non-geeks thereby are forced to work at a restaurant serving myself and the cute intern Scallopine Picata… but I tip the non-geek as we feel sorry for them. Evolution is replacing them slowly but surely.

    • And the 4th dimension where the boss takes credit for his team's high performance, gives the geek more work to do with no extra pay, and then takes a vacation in Hawaii.

  6. Watching movies about highschools over the years, there was always the separation of the jocks/cheerleaders, goths, geeks and the people in between (regular intelligent folk). Movies perceived the jocks and cheerleaders to be the bullies and looked down on everyone else cause they weren't cool or whatever. The goths hated everyone and the geeks were always nerdy and weak.
    I used to hate the jocks the most as they were braindead bullies but in recent years i've realised that the nerds and geeks are the biggest Dicks of them all and no longer feel sorry for them if they get beaten up or made outcasts.
    Most geeks on here are saying that a non-geek is retarded or neanderthal-like. A statement, in itself, that suggests lack of intelligence.
    I'd say the world wouldn't last very long if geeks were in charge.
    X 2

    Incase anyone says, 'Cool story bro. tell it again!', i've put (X 2) under it to suggest reading it twice. But you guys are geeks and should understand that no prob! :D ttfn

    • But to geeks you ARE neanderthalls. I honestly live in constant amazement that you people don't cut your own heads off while combing.

  7. You know, we were all non-geeks once. We didn't come out of our mothers knowing how to code or manipulate a video game controller or humming the Star Trek theme song.

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