Wil Wheaton is a Well of Wisdom [Video]

Indeed Wil, let’s all start acting like insipid jerks this year so we can all have a little more money into our pockets. Why add value to the world when bringing attention to yourself is clearly the thing to do in 2012? < /irony >

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    • He didn't say they were worse. He said they were more depressing. To me, implying the very thing you said – they are a symptom of the decline.

  1. His slogan is Don't be a Dick, but apparently he really only means "Don't be a Dick to me", because that was a really mean thing to say. Don't say someone is a "dumb piece of shit" or "more depressing than Hitler" just because they're playing up to what our society wants out of celebrities.

    (This is coming from someone who is currently rewatching TNG and has never seen any of the show(s?) that the Kardashians are in. I'm a fangirl of Science Fiction, not Reality TV, but it still drives me insane when people spew hate.)

    • i don't think that he is spewing hate. i can relate. it is frustrating to watch these people / this business. i think it is a real problem that such shows exist. and if you're not a part of the solution then you're a part of the problem. the make money off the ignorance and boredom of people and pollute minds with their bullshit. it is totally justified to be outraged by that. it's not just dumb. it's dangerous. and sad.

  2. He is right you know. Being shallow, in adding nothing of real value to anything can make you a billionaire in this world. You just have to know who's cock to suck or to be born from the right person.

  3. I have to agree with him! They are so vapid and annoying that is quite depressing. (As for the Hitler comment, that's his personal opinion and meant to be satirical.)

  4. Well, I have dealt personally with Wil in the past, and I have to tell you from personal experience that he, himself, is a worthless *.

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