Finally! Top 10 Table Tennis Shots of 2011! [Video]

“It’s here!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Yes, kids, it’s the best damn table tennis shots in all of 2011!

I know, right?  I can barely contain myself.  I knew it was going to be up soon, so I just kept hitting F5, and hitting F5, and hitting F5, until, finally!, there it was.  I’ve been watching it on a loop non-stop ever since.  That was two weeks ago!  But it’s totally worth it, man.  Totally.  Worth.  It.”

“Oh…oh, wow.  That was actually kind of cool.  No, seriously, I’m not joking now.  That was pretty bad ass!  Hey, there are more over on the side…”

Three hours later I finally stopped watching table tennis videos on YouTube.  And now you’ll be hooked, too.  You’re welcome.