Noah is the Original Pokemon Master [Picture]

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6 Responses to Noah is the Original Pokemon Master [Picture]

    • Little know fact. There were actual unicorns on the arc. The problem is Noah packed enough food for 39 days and 39 nights. Hey they had to nom on something.

    • Little known fact: there were unicorns on board. Kudos to Noah for saving at least one gay couple, but that’s not how you perpetuate a species…

  1. Fact: Unicorns were not on the Ark because they were too busy laughing at Noah along with the dragons, griffins, and all the other fantasy creatures who thought he was full of it. I totally learned that from Fantasia 2000!

  2. look he even got some friends! :o
    the Unicorn was from another beta version , he lived among the dinosaurs !