Gamer Girl Manifesto: We’re Here to Pwn

Don’t be racist. Don’t be homophobic. Don’t be sexist. Follow that code and everybody will have a good time. And when someone breaks that code, CALL THEM OUT. Don’t just let it ride.

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  1. Love the top comment on the vid, "Dont objectify, judge or identify me based on my gender alone" – Uploaded by SexyNerdGirlPresents.?

    • why should that make a difference? sexy means many things to many people. if you want to learn the uploader’s definition of sexy, do a YT search for “sexy nerd girl 83”. it should give you some context of what she’s about, whether you agree with her definition or not.

      • Yeaaah, but sexy generally means one thing. People can try to re-appropriate words all they want, but if you're using a word in your handle, don't expect people to do research on what *you* mean by it. They're going to assume it means what it usually means.
        This isn't meant to be condescending; that's just how words work. Even on the internet.

        • I would like to point out that the comment said, "On my gender ALONE."

          Judging her based on what shes says or does is free game. Judging her on how she identifies herself, fine. In fact, those things- character- are what we should judge people on. If she wants to take the power to objectify herself instead of letting someone else do it, which is what I got from the name, go right ahead.

          Her point was just that you can't, simply because the fact that she's female, judge her. All else is fair game

    • or perhaps by the people that simply think it is ridiculous that this was made. People that are of the opinion that the world is being broken down a little to far in that everything we do needs to be dictated and catagorized as appropriate or inappropriate / right or wrong. Everyone has opinions, few have the strength to go against the new PC flow of the world and express them.

  2. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is a natural product of the anonymous internet. People will be jerks because they can. People will be racist/sexist/"homophobic" because they can. People will judge you shallowly because they can, and, unfortunately, because it's convenient.

    No offense to the ladies in (and represented by) the video, but I think it's important to remember your context: a lot of online gamers are teens/ early 20s. While there are exceptions, you're not talking about the most mature sample of the population. That's not an excuse, but it should temper expectations.
    All that said, I hope this campaign picks up steam and makes a difference.

  3. I really can't stand stuff like this. You're a girl gamer. Who gives a shit. Most of the time, you get singled out because you make a big deal about being a girl gamer. (Example: this video)

    I'm not saying it's right, but assholes are assholes to everyone. They're all over the internet, and they single anyone out for any thing. Maybe it's your gender. Or sexual preference. Or voice. Or the things you like.

    And the irony? The people that are going to go totally apeshit over this video and pour out praise and support are the same sad tools that think it's the coolest thing in the world that you're a girl who plays games.

    My fiancee plays games. And she doesn't call herself a gamer girl or any of that, she just calls herself a gamer. And she hates this stupid video just as much as I do.

    • But hasn't this always been the case with backlash to any case of prejudice? There's a big tendency to over-correct for behavior of this type. Instead of ignoring the case of the issue entirely (i.e. gender), and thus becoming completely neutral, people try to get back digs, to claim some right, or pull themselves back up.

      Do I agree with the video? Meh. But let's face it. This video isn't targeting the assholes. The assholes don't give a shit. They aren't going to suddenly pop up after seeing this and say, "Damn, I feel so badly now. I'm not the swell guy I thought I was."

      This video is targeted towards the girls to are getting trolled. It's really meant to boost their confidence, get them saying "I'm not the only one!"

      Personally, I've never actually ran into any issues with any of this type stuff. Run into an asshole, call him an asshole, get on with your life. But maybe some people need this. Who knows.

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